CNY 2022 Collection【 环环相扣 】

We have been in a ‘new normal’ for close to 2 years, and going with the flow is key to navigating these changes.


Our CNY 2022 collection is all about flexibility and versatility. In times of uncertainty and constant change, we need to pivot in order to thrive. 


Thus, I let my creativity flow and made a modern festive collection that has longevity beyond CNY. It’s versatile in design and deliberate in the choice of fabric, so you can be stylishly comfortable, while going around your festive house visits and indulging in festive goodies.


Another unique aspect of the collection is that it wasn’t conceived all at one time, but progressively, with the birth of one design inspiring the next, like a series of interlinked events.


I hope this collection speaks to you and you enjoy it as much as I have in creating it.