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In recent years, there is a growing trend of female consumers going back to their roots and embracing traditional outfits for Chinese New Year and weddings.

PaoPao is a born out of a need for a modern, stylish take on the traditional Cheongsam for these occasions. A dress of oriental inspiration, the brand takes on Chinese & Japanese influences, adding a dash of edginess with structured sleeves. The designs cater to the modern women who wants an updated, traditional look with a twist.

A cheongsam is a timeless classic, and therefore at PaoPao, we take pride in ensuring the quality and workmanship measures up. The brand leads the way in sustainable, slow fashion business practices by launching only 1 collection, in limited quantities, each year for the festive season.


Paopao is the brainchild of Run Run, who is a veteran from the advertising industry as an Art Based Creative Director, known for her midas touch for beauty & fashion accounts.

Her career took a turn, when she decided to take a break at the peak of her advertising career and spend time with her family.

“Pao” is actually derived from “Qipao” which means Cheongsam in chinese. “Pao” (袍) on its own means ‘robe’. Coincidentally, Pao also share the same pronunciation as Run in chinese, which is how some people call Run Run, Pao Pao (跑跑).

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