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QÍ 齐 MIDI Skirt

QÍ 齐 MIDI Skirt


Introducing the QÍ 齐 MIDI Skirt from PaoPao. With its long slit adorned with a row of rouleau button loops and jade buttons, this skirt exudes a sophisticated oriental charm. As you move, the slit gracefully opens, revealing the luxurious satin pleats inside, adding a touch of allure to your stride. Versatile and customizable, you have the option to close up all the buttons for a streamlined pencil skirt look, or open them up to showcase the intricate satin pleats. Comes in multiple colours.

  • Size Guide

    Size Guide S M L
    Waist 25-28" 26-30" 26-32"
    Hip 36" 38" 41"
    Length 28" 28" 29"


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